Derek's Mission

Derek Wilson established this law office to put injured people first.  His clients can focus on recovery while Derek handles legal issues as efficiently and effectively as possible. Derek cares for every person and case individually through personalized attention, strength, honesty, and experience.  

All too often, people find themselves lost in the impersonal nature of many personal injury law firms. Clients are frequently frustrated while attorneys make decisions on their cases or ignore them entirely. Too many individuals have negative views of attorneys because of a poor experience they or someone close to them had. Derek prioritizes his clients and has the experience to understand the importance of honest and prompt communication.

Derek helps people against insurance companies and large companies that take profits and bonuses instead of providing the compensation people deserve by law. These companies unfairly treat people as a claim number, and Derek fights to ensure each person has an opportunity to tell their story and obtain just compensation.


Let Derek Wilson handle your legal issues in the most prompt, efficient, and effective way possible.