Employment Litigation

Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in the workplace are inappropriate and often cause a toxic work environment. State and federal laws protect employees from employers acting improperly ― through discrimination, retaliation, harassment, and not paying or improperly taking wages― so people keep the wages they earn. If you think your employer is taking advantage of you or treating you unfairly, contact Derek today.


The law protects people from  discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or identity, physical or mental disability or medical condition (including pregnancy), veteran status, or age. If your employer has subjected you to discrimination, call Derek today.


State and federal laws protect employees from many kinds of wage theft employers use to maximize profits at the expense of their employees, including proper payment of overtime, employee misclassification, and missed breaks. If your employer is not paying you the wages you earned, contact Derek today.


Harassment at work is not acceptable and counter-productive to a healthy working environment. If you have been harassed at work, sexually or otherwise, you need a strong advocate to protect your rights.  


The law protects employees who are punished or terminated for bringing an unsafe or illegal corporate act to light. Whistleblower protection is important for a safe society, and if improper retaliation occurs, you should consult legal advice as soon as possible.